break on through 2021 day1
@umeda TRAD

1.Tournament 1st round
○Ryota Nakatsu(10:38 pin via Buzzsaw Kick) TORU

2.Tournament 1st round
Kyohei Kinoshita(10:47 pin via brainbuster) Kengo○

3.Tournament 1st round
○Yuukou Miyamoto (12:40 Moonsault Press) Tiiida

Tournament 1st Round
○Naoki Tanizaki (11:49 pinfall) Keita Yano

Tournament 1st Round
○HUB (11:37 Small Package Hold) Rina Yamashita

Tournament 1st Round
○BrotherYASSHI(12:52 Nice Jamaica) El Lindaman

*The semifinal match-ups on 4/6 are as follows.
Naoki Tanizaki vs. HUB vs. Kengo
Ryota Nakatsu vs. brotherYASSHI vs. Yuukou Miyamoto
2 winners will have a single match as the final match as the main event of the same day.

The live broadcast of this tournament is 3300 JPY for both days (archived viewing is also available), and can be purchased from